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CCTV Installation Dunfermline

Did you know: Anti-social behaviour has increased in Fife by more than 46%! Find out more

Dunfermline's CCTV Installation Experts

Our experienced CCTV installers & maintenance engineers fit the latest CCTV systems to help protect your home or business against break-ins and vandalism. We supply and install the latest CCTV equipment to ensure you get crystal clear HD footage and up-to-date monitoring options like smartphone streaming and movement alerts providing a serious deterrent to criminals.

Our local CCTV Installers supply a range of CCTV equipment, installation and maintenance services to homes and commercial customers around Dunfermline, Duloch & Rosyth.

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Why use CCTVxpress for your CCTV System Installation?

  •  Clear HD footage: The most up-to-date equipment including high definition footage, excellent low light performance & night IR cameras
  •  No mess installation: We work hard to ensure neat camera placement and a clean and tidy finish
  •  Peace of mind: Remote viewing options for desktop & mobile devices so you can keep an eye out when you’re away
  •  Deter thieves & vandals: Many of the cameras we supply allow remote viewing from desktop & mobile devices so you can keep an eye on things when you’re away

Your Local CCTV Installers

CCTVxpress are a network of CCTV installation experts offering security camera installation for homes & businesses across Dunfermline, Duloch & Rosyth.

If you want a free quote or more information about fitting a CCTV system in your commercial or residential property please call us on 01382 933278

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Our Dunfermline CCTV Services

Home CCTV Installation Dunfermline 

We fit modern CCTV systems for residential customers so you can monitor your home, driveway & vehicles even while you’re away. Modern home CCTV systems allow live viewing from mobile devices and movement alerts so you can monitor your property from anywhere.

They also provide much improved video quality so if you are a victim of a break-in or vandalism you’ll have excellent evidence to pass on to the police.

Business CCTV Installation Dunfermline

A robust CCTV setup is a must-have for protecting your business, deterring theft, and providing evidence in case of a criminal conviction or insurance claim. We can supply & fit modern commercial CCTV systems that provide high quality footage, audio, low-light and night recording and much more.

Get in touch for any installation, maintenance or repair questions and get a free no obligation quote today.

CCTV maintenance and repair services

CCTV Repair & Maintenance Dunfermline

We also carry out repair and maintenance services for many types of existing CCTV setups.

Contact us and our experienced engineers can carry out repair and maintenance work throughout Dunfermline, Duloch & Rosyth.

Why we recommend CCTV in Dunfermline

Although crime rates in Scotland have been decreasing in the last 10 years, Police Scotland have admitted there has been a marked increase in anti-social behaviour crimes throughout Fife.

Installing a CCTV system in your home or business can help combat this by acting as a deterrent as well as providing Dunfermline Police with the evidence they need to identify suspects.

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Police in Fife reveal crime figures for between April and June

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Police target youth disorder in Rosyth and Dunfermline

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Fife garage comes to the rescue after vandals attack NHS employee’s car