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Enjoy peace of mind & protect your home or business premises by installing a crystal-clear CCTV security camera system

Did You Know

3 Out of 4 Burglaries in Scotland
Go Unsolved...

but homes and businesses are fighting back by installing their own CCTV systems!

A commercial dome-style CCTV camera installed on a wall

What Can a CCTVxpress Security Camera Installation Can Do for You?

  • A Visible Deterrent to deter thieves from attempting a break-in
  • Peace of Mind with remote viewing via desktop and mobile devices
  • Clear HD Recording provides useful evidence to present to the Police to help assist in prosecutions
  • Save Money with lower insurance premiums

Why Choose Us?

Use CCTVxpress for Your New CCTV Installation

Our network of professional CCTV installers and maintenance engineers have extensive experience in working with state-of-the-art CCTV equipment. Choose us for peace of mind & a seamless CCTV installation experience.

Professional CCTV installer

Professional CCTV Installers Across Scotland

Remote CCTV viewing

Crystal Clear Recording & Remote Viewing

Tidy CCTV placement blueprint

Neat & Tidy Camera & Wire Placement

What We Do

Flexible CCTV Setups for Every Situation

We specialise in providing CCTV installations tailored to meet the unique security requirements of various industries, environments, & scenarios.

Retail CCTV.
Monitor customer activity, deter theft, and ensure the safety of your staff, customers, and assets.
Temporary CCTV.
For events, exhibitions, or short-term construction projects, our temporary CCTV systems provide flexible and easily deployable surveillance solutions.
Construction Site CCTV.
Safeguard your construction site, equipment, and materials. Monitor activity, deter theft and vandalism, and address health and safety concerns.
Licensed Premises CCTV.
Ensure the safety of staff and patrons and maintain a secure environment in bars, clubs, and other licensed establishments.
Farm Security CCTV.
Protect your yard, livestock, machinery and oil tanks. Monitor remote areas, deter trespassers, and enhance the overall security of your farm.
Traffic Management CCTV.
Efficiently manage traffic flow, available parking spaces, and automatic number plate recognition. Real-time monitoring to quickly address incidents and ensure smoother operations.

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